Posted by: jjarmasz | August 4, 2011

So I’m reviewing a Nokia device again…

So call me crazy – but here I am trialing (and eventually reviewing) another Nokia device thanks to the good folks at WOMWorld/Nokia, this time the E7. In this post-“February 11th” (i.e., the switch from Symbian to Windows Phone) world where Nokia’s fortunes seem to have tanked and Android is on the rise, why am I reviewing a Symbian-powered Nokia device? Well, partly because I still find Symbian to be a functional and useful platform for me, but mostly because of the AWESOME KEYBOARD!

Perhaps more accurately, I love the tilt-out-screen form factor. You see, I’m one of those silly people who owns the much-maligned Nokia N97, and despite its well-documented problems, I loved using it. I don’t quite get along with virtual keyboards. I have tried them on most of the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Symbian) and while I can put up with them, I always wish I had a physical keyboard when I use them. Even though I own a Nokia N8 and use it as my main phone, I still prefer physical keys. And the tilt of the screen is great because (1) it puts your thumbs close to the screen AND the keyboard simulatneously and (2) it makes viewing videos, or even just glancing at the screen while you have the phone on your desk, so much nicer.

So thanks to WOMWorld/Nokia, I get to play with the E7 for two weeks and decide whether this “holistic experience” as Steve Litchfield of All About Symbian described it, can trump the E7’s known, um, “compromises” – most notably the “extended depth of field” (or EDoF) camera. Spoiled as I am by the N8’s camera, still considered to be the top phone camera, it’ll be a tall order! Check back here at my blog for a few more posts, or at my twitter feed at @jjarmasz for more frequent thoughts, amid all the other stuff I tweet about (you better be interested in Toronto & cycling!).

By the way I wrote and published this post from the E7 (thanks to this tutorial on blogging on WordPress with the E7 & Opera Mobile 11.1 browser over at – a bit painful, but it shows you how capable Symbian still it. Couldn’t have done it without the keyboard, especially the and arrow and ctrl- command keys. (To be fair, I had to add the hyperlinks from my computer at home — the E7 can’t do everything, sadly…)

The Nokia E7

The Nokia E7 seen from a Nokia N8



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