Posted by: jjarmasz | January 7, 2011

About the name…

The obvious first question for those of you coming across this blog is surely: “What’s with the name?” Beyond the obvious need to find a unique and memorable name, the reason is as follows: My first name, “Jerzy” is Polish for “George” (kinda… but that’s a story for another time). The “pet” form of that name (kind of like “Georgie”) is “Jurek.” In Polish there is a children’s rhyme that goes

Jurek ogórek kiełbasa i sznurek

which in English would go

Georgie cucumber sausage and string

Rhyming nonsense for kids in Polish, just nonsense in English… Anyway, the phrase is a bit of a personal motto from my childhood, I guess. But since I am now vegetarian (more on that later) I’m not nearly as fond of Polish sausage as I was as a kid. So… what’s left are cucumbers and string. Et voilà!

Posted by: jjarmasz | November 27, 2010

Hello world!

As lame as that generic title is, it conveys the message well enough. This is the inaugural post of Cucumbers and String, my personal blog. I will be blogging about just about anything that interests me, which at the moment includes:

  • The city I live in and love, Toronto
  • My latest obsession… yes, tech & mobile gadgets. There, I’ve said it!
  • Human factors, which is the area I work in
  • Being vegetarian in this still-carnivorous world
  • … and anything else that comes to mind.

I’m just getting started but hopefully I will be producing a semi-regular stream of rants and musings. I hope you find them interesting too. Enjoy!


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